Vladimir SMUTNY, researcher

Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics
Czech Technical University
160 00 Prague 6, Jugoslavskych partyzanu 3, Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 224 357 280
E-mail: vladimir.smutny@cvut.cz

Current Position: Researcher
Research Interests: Industrial and medical applications of computer vision, 3D computer vision, robotics, colors in computer vision, optics, mechanics.

Qualification: 1989 Ing. (similar to MSc.) in control engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU Prague.

2015 Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU Prague: Light Propagation in Transparent Polyhedra,.

Five seclected Publications:

Farkavec, P. and V. Smutny: Robot for cleaning and inspection of conduits and its control unit. US Patent 9,101,967 B2, 2015.

Smutny, Vladimir; Sara, Radim: Method and a System for Measuring Joint Trajectory, Particularly Mandibular Joint Trajectory, patent, 2005

Smutny, Vladimir; Bodlak, Igor: Method for Measuring of Transparent Objects Shape, Particularly Cut Stones and System for the Measurement, patent CZ298071, 2005

Dostalova, Tatjana; Racek, Jaroslav; Tauferova, Eva; Smutny, Vladimir: Average Arch Widths and Associated Changes between Initial, Post-treatment and Post-retention Measurements, Brazilian Dental Journal, 2004

Hanton, Karel; Smutny, Vladimir; Franc, Vojtech; Hlavac, Vaclav: Alignment of Sewerage Inspection Videos for Their Easier Indexing, ICVS2003: Proceedings of the Third International Confernece on Vision Systems, 2003

Smutny V., Hlavac V., Palatka P.: High Precision Measurements of Small Backlit Objects in Mechanical Engineering , 1998, (gziped postscript 4.5 MB).


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