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Libor Spacek's Facial Images Databases

Conditions of use (please read this first): You may freely download this data for your own research purposes. You should publish any computer recognition results achieved on this data with due acknowledgement (my name and URL to this page). There is also a related publication (with my PhD student D.Hond): D. Hond, L. Spacek `Distinctive Descriptions for Face Processing', Proceedings of the 8th British Machine Vision Conference BMVC97, Colchester, England, pp. 320-329, September 1997.

You may not publish/print/sell/distribute the images themselves. I provide my database here in order to encourage comparative research, thus the intended uses are biometric processing and comparisons of recognition results. I am not trying to be difficult by placing conditions on other uses. However, I do not hold signed release forms from all the individuals in this database. Therefore you should be aware that, strictly speaking, the rights to display/publish the images themselves remain with the individuals depicted in them.


The data are held here in four zipped archives: ( faces94faces95faces96grimace ),  in order of increasing difficulty. Faces96 and grimace are the most difficult, though for  two different reasons: variation of background and scale in faces96, and extreme variation of expressions in grimace). All the images are stored in 24 bit RGB, JPEG format.


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