CMP Facade Database

We present a dataset of facade images assembled at the Center for Machine Perception, which includes 606 rectified images of facades from various sources, which have been manually annotated. The facades are from different cities around the world and diverse architectural styles.


Data origin, format and processing, annotation principles for 12 classes are specified in the report.


Base dataset: (378 images)
Extended dataset: (228 images)
Browse the images and annotations here.


CC BY-SA This work is provided under Attribution-ShareAlike license. CC BY-SA


Please use the following reference to cite the dataset:
  author = {Radim Tyle{\v c}ek and Radim {\v S}{\' a}ra},
  title = {Spatial Pattern Templates for Recognition of Objects with Regular Structure},
  booktitle = {Proc. GCPR},
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This work was supported by the Czech Science Foundation under Project P103/12/1578.

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