CMP Canoe Trip 2010

PETR Gronat and HONZA Macak , CMP PhD students, would like to invite you to the traditional CMP Canoe Trip 2010. This year we planned to spend a weekend on Vltava river. We will overnight on the camping ground, so you are supposed to bring your own tent and camping gear. The trip is planned for 28th-30th May 2010 (the last weekend in May as usually). You are welcome to bring your partners and kids!


From Friday May 28 to Sunday May 30, 2010.
Departure from Prague: planned for Friday afternoon due to elections.
Arrival to Prague: on Sunday evening.
The exact time and place of departure will be announced at the begining of May.


Vltava river

We will paddle from Vyssi Brod to Zlata Koruna

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Full advanced payment of 1000,- CZK per person will be collected until May 3, 2010. The price covers the bus, camping fees, nice weather, canoes and utilities are included.
You do not need to pay for small kids if they do not occupy one of the two paddling seats in the canoe.
You can send the advaced fee on the bank account 197798852 / 0300. Please distinguish the payment by the text "CMP - Name Surname".

Deadline for the payment is 3.5.2010!!!

We will follow the first pay the first served principle. The list of registered (=those who paid) will be available at the end of this page.

How to register:

Send e-mail to or and put the text "CMP Canoe Trip 2010" into the subject. Please indicate the number of your fellow sailors (adults and kids with their own paddling seats).


  1. Vaclav Hlavac
  2. Petr Gronat
  3. Honza Macak
  4. Lukas Zich
  5. Radek Marik
  6. Eliska Marikova
  7. Pavla Marikova
  8. Ivan Medonos
  9. Martin Matousek + syn
  10. Stepan Obdrzalek
  11. Andriy Velyhan
  12. Kseniya Dryahina
  13. Aleksej Velyhan
  14. Alexander Shekhovtsov
  15. Jiri Klema + manzelka
  16. Andrej Mikulik + pritelkyne

Drivers and cars

DriverFree seats
PassengersAdditional info
Lukas Zich2/6Andrej Mikulik + pritelkyne
Honza Macak
Petr Gronat
Vaclav Hlavac1/3Jiri Klema + manzelkadeparture on Sat May 29th in the early morning
Ivan Medonos3/3Radek Marik
Eliska Marikova
Pavla Marikova
Stepan Obdrzalek1/3Martin Matousek + syn 
Andriy Velyhan0/3Kseniya Dryahina
Aleksej Velyhan
Alexander Shekhovtsov


photos by Andrej Mikulik
photos by Stepan Obdrzalek

Last update on 2.6.2010 by P.Gronat and J.Macak