The CMP Canoe Trip 2013 was canncelled due to bad weather.


Prof. Vašek Hlaváč and CMP PhD student Čeněk Albl and Libor Wagner would like to invite you to a traditional canoe trip. The river of choice is Vltava. As usually, we will depart from Prague on Friday May 31 in the late afternoon and arrive back on Sunday June 2 late afternoon or early evening. We will arrange transport both on the ground and the river, life jacket if requested and place to stay overnight. Up to you is to bring tent and other camping gear. You are also welcome to bring your partners and children.



The date is set on 31 of May - 2 of June 2013


The Vltava river is the longest Czech river. It springs in the wooded hills of the Sumava National Park and after having run 430 kilometres, near the town of Melnik, it joins the Labe river.

The route from Vyssi Brod to Borsov offers great view of the nature and medieval architecture. The trip can be enriched with visits to the Cistercian monastery in Vyssi Brod, medieval castles in Rozmberk or Cesky Krumlov, the monastery in Zlata Koruna or the ruins of Divci Kamen.

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Friday 31.5.

We will depart from Smichovske Nadrazi at 16:45, the bus is supposed to be there from 16:30. Please don't be late. We will camp near Cesky Krumlov.

Saturday 1.6.

We will leave our tents standing at the campsite. The bus will take us upstream to the Vyssi Brod where canoes will be waiting on us. We will float back to the Cesky Krumlov. We can stop at Rozmberk and visit the castle.

Sunday 2.6.

We can decide, based on the weather and mood, how far downstream we can manage. The estimate arrival to Prague is late evening.

What I need to take with?


The estimate cost is 1000 Kc per paddler. Children under six years are for free if they do not need an own seat in the bus. This will include transport, lending of the boat, and campsite fees. Note that the cost is just an estimate and can change due course. The difference will be sorted out after the trip. Please send the registration fee to the Libor's account 2000082092/2010 (Fio Banka) to complete the registration. Please include message in format CMP Canoe 2013 - Your Name with your payment.


The registration period is over. You can check the list of participants. Please pay the registration fee if you haven't done already.