Dear CMP members and friends, We (Vaclav Hlavac and Antonin Mik) would like to invite you to the traditional annual CMP canoe trip on Friday May 27 - Sunday 29, 2022. We chose Ohře river this year. It will very likely have enough water. We address also newbies. We and probably you too like to meet some new people besides traditional paddlers. Canoeing with us might be fun as it was each year times since 1994. See previous canoeing trips.

You are also welcome to bring your partners, friends and children!




CMP canoe trips have been organized since 1994. A single bus usually full of CMP members, ex-members, friends and their families/friends go together for a weekend to have fun and enjoy some nice Czech river.

What river?


See the Ohře river description for canoeing.  

Participants in 2022


What do I need to take with?

Other things like boats, safety vests, paddles, and barrels to keep your stuff dry in the canoe will be arranged for all registered participants. If you do not need any of those because you, e.g., have your own, write it into the comment part of the registration form.