5 CMP Canoe Trips


The Center for Machine Perception (CMP) of the Czech Technical University in Prague has been organizing the weekend-long canoeing trips every year since 1994. The trip takes place in the last weekend of May. We usually go to one of Czech or Moravian rivers. The CMP canoeing trips are organized by CMP members, usually new PhD students. Vašek Hlaváč initiated the CMP canoeing trips and has had an eye on it since.


Upcoming Canoe trip to Ohře river will be from Friday May 27 afternoon to Sunday May 29, 2022;


River Ohře

organised by Václav Hlaváč and Antonín Mík

Past CMP Canoeing trips

The following list provides past CMP canoeing trips ordered chronologically. The list provides the name of the river, names of organizers and link to web pages the organizers made (if available).