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XE383ZS::Imaging Labs

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Please note the schedule, including deadlines, may change slightly during course according to our mutual agreement.
Date Topic File(s) Last update Assignment Last update Points Assignment
18 Apr 2008 Introduction into Matlab, Basic operation with images lab1.html 16.04.2008 assign1.html 16.04.2008 3 27 Apr
25 Apr, 28 Apr, and 5 May 2008 Image restoration, making blured images readable lab2.html 16.04.2008 assign2.html 16.04.2008 6 8 May
12+19 May 2008 Geometric transformations, correcting of falling horizon lab3.html 18.04.2008 assign3.html 18.04.2008 6 22 May
26 May 2008 Final discussions, evaluations, giving credits ... 0

Assignments, instructions

You work on assignments individually and are expected to submit a working solution. After you finish working create an archive file (e.g. zip-file) containing all the files that are necessary for running the solution and upload. The system unpacks the archive file immediately. Please check possible errors. Typically there will be one m-script that reads the input data, calls the relevant functions and possibly creates a graphical output unless specified otherwise. Please do not forget to include the input data into your archive package.

The possible questions may be answered in form of comments. Alternatively you may consider using Matlab function publish for creating html reports.

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