Smart Multicamera System - Demos

Tomas Svoboda, Petr Doubek, Karel Zimmermann

G9 photo
Multiple simple cameras in a room. [HW | SW]
what the cameras see
What do the cameras see? [video]
volumetric recontruction
Volumetric reconstruction [video]
virtual editor
Event recognition with virtual editor [video]
articulated human model
3D articulated human model [video]
3D tracking
3D tracking [video1]
3D tracking with bird's view of the room
3D tracking [video2]
segmenation based tracking segmenation based tracking
SMC (particle filtering) tracker [ video1 | Principle: video2 ]
segmenation based tracking
Fully automatic self-calibration [ video | SW | presentation (short) PDF 

Principle: PDF | Demo 

Learnable sequential linear predictors. Demo with publications, videos, etc.
The tracker was used in the Curling simulator.

Student Demos

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