Dmytro Mishkin, PhD

Computer vision and deep learning researcher.

My research interests lie in the intersection of wide multiple baseline stereo, metric learning and 3D reconstruction. This is my academic page. My personal website is here

Selected publications

A Large Scale Homography Benchmark

Authors: Daniel Barath, Dmytro Mishkin, Michal Polic, Wolfgang Förstner, Jiři Matas

CVPR 2023.[pdf],[bib]

HEB-paper logo
Efficient Initial Pose-graph Generation for Global SfM

Authors: Daniel Barath, Dmytro Mishkin, Ivan Eichhardt, Ilia Shipachev, Jiri Matas

CVPR 2021.[pdf],[bib]

SfM-paper logo
Image Matching across Wide Baselines: From Paper to Practice

Authors: Yuhe Jin, Dmytro Mishkin, Anastasiia Mishchuk, Jiri Matas, Pascal Fua, Kwang Moo Yi, Eduard Trulls

IJCV 2020.[preprint],[bib], [sources], [web-site]

Image Matching Benchmark
Kornia: an open source differentiable computer vision library for PyTorch

Authors: Edgar Riba, Dmytro Mishkin, Daniel Ponsa, Ethan Rublee, Gary Bradski

WACV 2020.[pdf],[bib], [sources], [docs]

Kornia logo
Benchmarking Classic and Learned Navigation in Complex 3D Environments

Authors: D. Mishkin, A. Dosovitskiy, V. Koltun

arXiv 2019.[preprint],[bib], [sources], [video], [web-site]

Navigation benchmark
DeblurGAN: Blind Motion Deblurring Using Conditional Adversarial Networks

Authors: O.Kupyn, V.Budzan, M.Mykhailych, D. Mishkin, J.Matas

CVPR 2018.[preprint],[bib], [sources]

Repeatability Is Not Enough: Learning Affine Regions via Discriminability

Authors: D. Mishkin, F.Radenovic, J.Matas

ECCV 2018.[preprint],[bib], [sources]

Working hard to know your neighbor's margins: Local descriptor learning loss

Authors: A.Mishchuk, D. Mishkin, F.Radenovic, J.Matas

NeurIPS 2017. [preprint],[bib], [sources], [poster][slides]

Systematic evaluation of convolution neural network advances on the Imagenet

Authors: D. Mishkin, N.Sergievskiy, J.Matas

CVIU 2017.[paper],[preprint],[bib], [sources], [slides]

Systematic CNN evaluation
All you need is a good init

Authors: D. Mishkin and J.Matas

ICLR, 2016. [pdf], [bib], [poster]

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MODS: Fast and Robust Method for Two-View Matching

Authors: D. Mishkin, J.Matas, M.Perdoch

CVIU 2015.[preprint],[paper],[bib], [sources]

WxBS: Wide Baseline Stereo Generalizations

Authors: D. Mishkin, M. Perdoch, J.Matas, K. Lenc

BMVC, 2015. [pdf], [bib], [poster]



Efficient ML Research

Lecture on How to navigate through the ML research information flood. For Ukrainian Catholic University Winter Schhol on "How to run an effective machine learning research 2022"

ML School UCU on Effective Research
Computer Vision Methods

Lectures on correspondence methods for computer vision: local feature detectors, descriptors and matching. [MPV course] at CTU in Prague. Slides and videos are available at the course page.

Computer Vision Methods course 2022
Computer Vision Methods

Lectures on correspondence methods for computer vision: local feature detectors, descriptors and matching. [MPV course] at CTU in Prague. Slides and videos are available at the course page.

Computer Vision Methods course 2021
Local features in computer vision

Private 3 days workshop about modern local detectors, descriptor for correspondence search.
For University of Ostrava Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling

WBS workshop 2020
Computer Vision Methods

I have re-designed and taught the practical part of the [MPV course] at CTU in Prague.

Computer Vision Methods course 2020
Visual object tracking course

For Winter School at Ukrainian Catholic University. [Course link]

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Intro into Deep Learning course

At Kyivstar Big Data School

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Since 2019
AI Ukraine

Serve as volunteer Member of the Expert Committee on Artificial Intelligence at Ministry of Digital Transformation Of Ukraine. Areas of responsibility: science and education.

2019 — 2020

Co-founder of the Eastern European Computer Vision Conference. We running the largest computer vision conference in Eastern Europe to connect industrial and academic worlds.

Since 2016

Have started Ukrainian Research Group "Szkocka" is an initiative to promote and advance Ukrainian science. It is a platform for cooperation between researchers and supervisors on doing high-quality academic research. It is non-government organization free from bureaucracy and regulations, it exists due to free cooperation and donations.

We supervise and fund students, PhD students and volunteers research in computer vision and machine learning area. Group is named after Lviv mathematician community in 1930s

2015 — 2021

I did my PhD at CTU in Prague under supervision of Prof. Jiri Matas to deepen and expand my expertise in computer vision and machine learning. My research is mostly devoted to wide baseline stereo and local features: the workhorse of 3D reconstuction, SLAM and image retrieval. During the study, I have done reserch internship at Intel Labs Munich, where I studied classical and learning-based navigation algorithms. Here is a blog devoted to the topic of my PhD study: Wide Baseline Stereo Blog

My PhD thesis "Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo got Dean's Prize, Rector's prize and got into the final of Antonín Svoboda Award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis.

I am the maintainer of the open source Kornia library — OpenCV in PyTorch.

CTU in Prague
2014 — 2017
Clear Research

Co-founder and CTO of Clear Research. Team under my supervision have developed a mobile visual commerce system for app. In particular:

  • bags and shoes recommendation engine, based on actual photos of things user like, or already have;
  • proprietary deep learning powered similarity search engine, based on user tap on camera photo;
  • proprietary algorithm, which discovers potential items to sell, based on photo and description from supplier web-page;
  • proprietary automatic image adjustment algorithm, so all things we sell, have standardized view and and the photos are of desired quality, even the items are from different suppliers
2012 — 2013

Worked as visiting researcher at Center of Machine perception at CTU in Prague. I have developed MODS - the state-of-the-art method for the wide baseline stereo matching under the extreme viewpoint change.

CTU in Prague
2011 — 2014

Was an Assistant Professor at National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". I taught masters and undergraduate courses:

  • Image recognition
  • Satellite imagery processing
  • Microcontroller systems

Invited talks

19.06.2021. New Orleans, USA. CVPR 2022. Tutorial "Affine Correspondences and Their Applications".

Talk "Affine Correspondences and Where to Find Them"

14.06.2020. Seattle, USA. CVPR 2020. Tutorial "RANSAC in 2020".

Talk "Benchmarking Robust Estimation Methods"

15.06.2020. Seattle, USA. CVPR 2020. Tutorial "Local features: from SIFT to differentiable methods".

Talk "Local features: from paper to practice".

13.12.2019. Barcelona, Spain. Computer Vision Center of Autonomous University of Barcelona.

"Crafting and learning for image matching".

26.09.2019. Tallinn, Estonia. Veriff Computer Vision Meet-up.

"Deep-learned vs Handcrafted navigation".

06.07.2019. Odesa, Ukraine. Eastern European Conference on Computer Vision.

"Crafting and learning for image matching".

29.03.2018. Prague, Czech Republic. Institute of Informatics, Academy of Science.

Convolutional neural networks from basics to the recent advances



The best way to contact me is email:
I also write about computer vision and science on:
my new blog
medium (old blog)
blog devoted to wide baseline stereo.

In my free time I am playing kaggle (Kaggle Master), chess and practicing aikido. Yes, that's where my nickname comes from.