3rd International Workshop "Mathematical Structures for Nonstandard Logics"

May 28th, 2004
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Karlovo naměstí 13, building E, room 112 (Vyčichlova knihovna). See (how to get here).


9:00 Daniele Mundici: Normality conditions for fuzzy partitions (invited talk)
9:50 Beloslav Riečan: On the extension of submeasures on MV-algebras
10:10 Tomáš Kroupa: On extension of mappings from partitions of unity in MV-algebra
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Roman Frič: Discrete fuzzy random variables
11:20 František Kôpka: On product on D-posets
11:40 Ferdinand Chovanec: MV algebra pasting
12:00 Zdenka Riečanová: Basic decomposition of elements, Jauch-Piron effect algebras, and pasting of effect algebras along a sub-effect algebra
12:20 Lunch break
13:30 Mirko Navara: When a residuum can be computed from a t-norm and a negation
13:50 Martin Kalina, Ol'ga Nánásiová: Three-dimensional distributions on Quantum logics and MV algebras
14:10 Radko Mesiar: Fuzzy set approach to the utility and the preference structures
14:30 Pavel Pták: On prehilbert-space logics

Official language: English

Photos from the workshop

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Organized by: Mirko Navara
Center for Machine Perception at the Department of Cybernetics and Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University

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