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Johel Miteran presents Creating a short film with style transfer

On 2019-05-21 11:00 at G205, Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2
Johel Mitéran is a professor of digital image processing (Pattern
classification, hardware implementation), but also a photographer and movie
director under the pseudonym Karleener. In the seminar, he will present
vision and image processing challenges related to his current cinematographic

Johel is currently preparing a short film “La mouche de bronze”, about a
visually impaired woman. A painter tries to help her, making drugs which allow
her to partially recover sight: she can see for a while, but her point of view
is rendered as painting (impressionism, or expressionism, or watercolor,
depending on the situation)

In order to create the visual effects, Johel Miteran explored several existing
solutions: neural transfer style (Gatys or Johnson based, as well as Logan
Engstrom fast neural style). However, these solutions show artifacts that are
not compatible with the quality needed for movies to be broadcasted in theaters
(at least 2k images) (low resolution images, or bad style transfer, or very
test/evaluation workflow). provides an expansive solution : 250 euros/ minutes for 720p, and
free test is not possible…

Johel proposes a solution based on auto-painting and home made software for
consistency, but he is the interested to new solution allowing realistic
painting transfer, including time consistency.

Johel Miteran directed his first professional short film in 2017, “The
accompanying dancer” in collaboration with “Atelier Du Cinema” in Beaune,
created by Claude Lelouch. The film was selected in 16 national and
international festivals and won four prizes:
• Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival 2017- Chicago, USA, August 4, 2017
• Global Revolution Film Festival, New-York, USA, August 24, 2017
• Tolima Ve Y Se Ve, Film Touring Festival, Columbia, September 2017.
• Divulge Dancers' Film Festival - DF2 - Los Angeles, USA, October, 2017
• Commffest Global Community Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, October 17, 2017
• SMR13 International Independent Festival, Marseille, November 2017 (Best
Music Award)
• Festival du court d’Art District, Nogent-Sur-Marne, November 2017
• Muvi Festival Internacional de Música no Cinema, Lisbon, November 2017
(Jury prize)
• Paris Independent Film Festival, Ciné 13, Paris, November 2017
• Rosebud Film Festival, Washington DC, January 2018
• New Renaissance Film Festival, Amsterdam, March 2018
• Bridges International Film Festival, 4-10 October 2018 in Corinth and
Athens, October 2018 (Best music and dance film)
• 14eme rencontres avec les réalisateurs, Lure, France, November 2018.
• Sunshine City Film Festival,, St Petersburg, Florida, USA, January 2019
• Short on Tap, London (version 20mn), march 2019.
• Fifth Annual Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival (The
Fest), Alexandria, USA, avril 2019 (Best Experimental Film)