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PhD Student
Junior Computer Vision Research Fellow
The Center for Machine Perception
Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University, Prague

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Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Office: G2a (building G, room 2a), see map
Tel.: +420-775-277208
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Long words name little things.
All big things have little names,
Such as life and death, peace and war,
Or dawn, day, night, hope, love, home.
Learn to use little words in a big way.
It is hard to do, but they say what you mean.
When you don't know what you mean,
Use big words: That often fools little people.


Radim Špetlík is a computer vision PhD student and a junior research fellow in the Visual Recognition Group at the Czech Technical University, a co-founder of the VisionPigeon computer vision startup, and one of the three members of a team that placed first at the Angry Birds AI Competition held on ECAI 2014 and IJCAI 2015 and third at IJCAI 2016.

Education: 2018-..., PhD Degree, supervisors: prof. Ing. Jiří Matas and Ph.D., Ing. Jan Čech, Ph.D.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University in Prague

2016-2018, Master Degree - Computer Vision and Image Processing with honours
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University in Prague

2013-2016, Bachelor Degree - Information Technology
Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague

2010-2014, Bachelor Degree - General Studies and Humanities
Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague

Aug 2016, Vision and Sports Summer School
Center for Machine Perception, FEE, Czech Technical University in Prague

Awards: Nov 2023
Chaos Neurathon 2023 - member of winning team
   I participated in the Chaos Neurathon event along with Michal Kucera and David Kunz. The task was to generate bump and rougness maps given albedo map. We placed the first.
   More info: @ Chaos page, @ CTU page (czech)

Sep 2018
Czech & Slovak ACM chapter of the IT SPY "best IT Master thesis of the year" competition - shortlisted
   My Master thesis "Robust visual heart rate estimation" was shortlisted in the Czech & Slovak ACM chapter of IT SPY.
   IT SPY is an elite IT competition evaluating the diploma theses of university students.
   Every year, dozens of ambassadors look for the very best of all successfully defended diploma projects. The competition is made up of 1,900 diploma theses drawn up at the IT faculties of Czech and Slovak universities. Joint decision is then made under the auspices of the oldest professional IT organisation ACM (Czech & Slovakia Chapter) on those which will be chosen to compete in the final.
   More info: @ IT SPY page

Jun 2016 - Jul 2016
IJCAI 2016 Angry Birds AI Competition 3rd place
   The task of the Angry Birds AI Competition is to develop an intelligent agent that is able to play the Angry Birds game autonomously and without a human intervention [aibirds.org]. The agents are tested on a variety of levels.
   The team consisted of three students of the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU Prague. The agent used a meta-strategy to select a playing strategy and a local optimization techniques to play the selected move. The competition included teams from universities around the world including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, China, France, South Korea, Australia and India.
   More info: @ Official AIBIRDS Competition page, @ CTU FIT (in Czech), @ Study at CTU (in Czech)

Mar 2015
ČSOB Hackaton Competition winner
   Competitors were asked to develop a system for network traffic visualization. The team consisted of four students of the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU Prague.
   More info: @ Datalab FIT CTU

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015
IJCAI 2015 Angry Birds AI Competition Winner
Official AIBIRDS Competition page - IJCAI 2015 results
   The three-man team placed 1st in the competition held at IJCAI 2015.
   More info: @ CTU FIT (in Czech)

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014
ECAI 2014 Angry Birds AI Competition Winner
   The three-man team placed 1st in the competition held at ECAI 2014.
   More info: @ Official AIBIRDS Competition page, Czech students created the best AI that plays Angry Birds (in Czech), @ CTU FIT (in Czech)

Feb 2014 - May 2014
Minimum Vertex Cover Genetics Algorithm Term Competition 2014 Winner
   The task of the competition was to develop a genetic algorithm that would solve the minimum vertex cover problem on a given graph with the least vertices count. The competition is held on an year basis. There were 50 participants in the competition.

Memberships: Feb 2016 - Present, Junior Research Fellow
Center for Machine Perception FEL CTU
   An approach of visual language identification was developed under the supervision of Jan Čech and Jiří Matas and published at the SCIA 2017 conference. Currently the photoplethysmographic signal properties are inspected.

Jun 2014 - Jul 2016, Junior Research Fellow
Data Laboratory FIT CTU
   Various tasks that concerned the robotic dairy farms optimization were accomplished. The most complex one - a real-time simulation of a dairy barn using 2D barn map that modeled interactions of cows and various robots - was finished and delivered to the Lely Inovation Department as a functional product.

Feb 2015 - Jul 2016, Data Scientist Trainee
Lely Inovation Department
   A close cooperation with the Lely Inovation Department was held. The cooperation included a stay at the company's headquarters in Netherlands. During the stay, the workflow of the dairy barns data gathering and processing was taught.

Publications: Spetlik, R., Rozumnyi, D., Matas, J., (2024) Single-Image Deblurring, Trajectory and Shape Recovery of Fast Moving Objects with Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models. In Proceedings of Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2024. (available online)

Spetlik, R., Razumenic, I., (2019) Iris Verification with Convolutional Neural Network and Unit-circle Layer. In Proceedings of German Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2019. (available online)

Spetlik, R., Cech, J., Franc, V., and Matas, J., (2018) Visual Heart Rate Estimation with Convolutional Neural Network. In Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference, 2018. (available online)

Spetlik, R., Cech, J. and Matas, J., (2018) Non-Contact Reflectance Photoplethysmography: Progress, Limitations, and Myths. In Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition (FG 2018), 2018 13th IEEE International Conference on (pp. 702-709). IEEE. (available online)

Spetlik, R., Cech, J., Franc, V., and Matas, J., (2017) Visual Language Identification from Facial Landmarks. In: Sharma P., Bianchi F. (eds) Image Analysis. SCIA 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10270. Springer, Cham (available online)

Experience: Jul 2018 - Sep 2018, Microsoft Analog.AI
PhD Computer Vision internship
   I took a three-month internship at the Microsoft Development Center Serbia, in the Analog.AI team. My work was focused on research in a computer vision area. My mentor was Ivan Razumenic.

Jul 2016 - Sep 2017, Xenofil game
Producer & Lead programmer
   In 2016 an independent game developer studio Wonderful Tree Studio s.r.o. was found by me and a friend of mine from Charles University in Prague. In September 2017, the studio published a game "Xenofil" for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) that introduces a unique new game mechanism UN-match and through a hand drawn tale addresses issues as xenophobia, racism, and gender inequity.
   Press coverage (in Czech): Czech game Xenofil raises scary reactions, Czech students created a mobile game that should help to fight the xenophobia, A new Czech game that addresses the migration

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014, eClub Summer Camp
   The eClub is an organization that enables students with interests in information technology to work on various kinds of problems. The tasks are usually connected to the private sector. The result of my stay at the eClub Summer Camp 2014 was the first version of the AI Angry Birds playing agent.

Jun 2007 - Jun 2008, Czech Media Group, s.r.o.
Internet Applications Programmer & Graphic Layout Designer
   Twelve dynamic web pages with an administration environment were created with use of CSS, PHP, SQL and HTML from scratch. The administration system was created incrementally. The projects included web pages for customers as Czech Mint company, Batima company etc. The execution of the project included graphic layout design of the page, database design and CSS, PHP and HTML programming.

Sep 2002 - Jun 2003, MS OFFICE 2000 interactively (in Czech)
   Microsoft (MS) Office 2000 interactively is a learning software that introduces MS Word and MS Excel to a user in an interactive way. The user builds his or her skill by completing specially designed tasks in a closed learning environment. The difficulty level of the consecutive tasks increases slowly so in the end the user is capable of solving quite complex assignments. The software was created in the Flash MX with using Action Script during the second year of my high school studies under the supervision of my teachers Robert Tišer and Zdeňek Novotný.

Research: Visual Heart Rate Estimation.
ECG-Fitness database
Spetlik, R.: Robust visual heart rate estimation (diploma thesis)

Visual Language IDentification.
CMP-VLID database

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