Omnidirectional Vision

logo Tomas Svoboda, Tomas Pajdla, and Vaclav Hlavac
Center for Machine Perception, CTU FEE, Karlovo nam. 13, Praha, Czech Republic,

Objective of this work is to develop visual sensors which can see to all directinons. Omnidirectional sensor can be use conviently in mobile robot naviagation, in visual surveilance or teleconferences.

Photos of our sensors. Sensor with a hyperbolic mirror. A system with a spherical mirror mounted on a mobile robot. Central Panoramic Cameras. Introduction, motivation, drawings, etc... Presentation [PDF] of the topic.
Experiments. Epipolar geometry for the system perspective camera - hyperbolic mirror. Imaging. Virtual camera using hyperbolic mirror.
Spherical mirror. Reprojection onto cylindrical surface is presented. The reprojection onto plane, simulating perspective projection, is shown as well. Images captured using spherical mirror. A paper with text, line and scale is used to show sensor properties.


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