List of participants

If you want to participate use our registration form. Once you are registred you will appear in the list below. Although the reservation is completed only after your payment is successfuly done. If you have any difficulties or questions, please send an e-mail to Jirka Borovec.

Capacity: 51

We just reached the total bus capacity, if you really want to go with us you can register and wait if somebody cancel his registration or manage own transportation there and back (for example by car).

NamePaddlers (53)Non-paddlers (3)
Vašek Hlaváč10
Jirka Borovec10
Smutny Vladimir31
Andrej Mikulik50
Mirko Navara30
M. Amável Pinheiro20
Daniel Večerka22
Jaroslav Fojtík10
Jiří Žára40
Hongping Cai10
Michal Uřičář10
Marik Radek20
Jiri Matas20
Martin Bresler40
Ondřej Novák20
Petr Olšák40
Jan Danek20
Sahsa Shekhovtsov70
James Pritts10
Martin Matoušek20
Tomas Petricek10
David Hurych10