Vojtech Franc

Center for Machine Perception (CMP)
Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
Karlovo namesti 13, 12135 Praha 2, Czech Republic
E-mail: xfrancvcmp.felk.cvut.cz
Tel. office: +420 2 2435 7665, Fax: +420 2 2435 7385
Room G105

Position Research fellow at Center for Machine Perception
Research interests Pattern Recognition, Support Vector Machines, Optimization, Structured Classification
Qualification MSc. and Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics from the Czech Technical University in Prague.
Current projects LaSCaR. Large Scale Category Retrieval. ERC CZ - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, LL1303.
Strom. Structured Statistical Models for Image Understanding. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic under Project P202/12/2071.
Past projects SEMISOL. Semi-Supervised Structred Output Learning. EU FP7 Marie Curie grant PERG04-GA-2008-239455.
SCOLES. Scalable Online Learning Systems. EU FP6 Marie Curie grant MEIF-CT-2006-042107.
HUMAVIPS. Humanoids with auditory and visual abilities in populated spaces. EC projects FP7-ICT-247525.
PRINCESS. Principles of Dissimilarity-Based Pattern Recognition in Signals, Symbolic Sequences and Images. INTAS 04-77-7347.
COSPAL. COgnitive Systems using Perception-Action Learning. EU FP6 project FP6-IST-004176.
ECVision. European Research Network on Cognitive Computer Vision Systems. EU FP5 project IST-2001-35454.
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