Multi-Camera Self-Calibration

Matlab package for a complete and fully automatic calibration of multi-camera setups (3 cams min). A standard laser pointer is the only hardware you need. No calibration object and user interaction required.

Keywords: multiple cameras calibration, multicamera calibration, selfcalibration, multi-camera calibration, calibration of a camera network.

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Send an email to Tomas Svoboda, if you would like to receive announcements about upgrades. Please write SelfCal to the Subject field. Any suggestions, bug-reports are welcome.

The code has been tested on several Linux machines and different version of the Matlab package.

Warranty, Support, Condition of Use

The software is offered as is. The use is free. Essential modifications of the code (not config changes) and their re-distribution must approved by me. Please use the artictle in the Presence journal as the reference.

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Maintainer: Tomas Svoboda
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