Prof. Vašek Hlaváč and CMP PhD students Jiří Borovec and Martin Bresler would like to invite you to a traditional canoe trip from Friday May 25 to Sunday May 27, 2012. We will hire a bus which probably will stay with us all the time. We will provide canoes, paddles, barrels and life vests which will be delivered to the place by Tydra company. We will camp overnight at the camp sites. You should bring your own tent and camping gear. Also there will be a small kiosk.

You are also welcome to bring your partners and children!

Ilustrace Reka Morava - mapa Ilustrace 2


The date is set on 25-27 of May 2012


Morava River

Morava is a beautiful river not overcrowded by tourists and boaters. It is beautiful on the one hand, but on the other hand it implies less developed services. At our meeting place there is a real camping place with full service, but along the river we will use emergency camps. We will camp near restaurants or kiosks etc. Any supplies we need can be provided by our bus which will stay with us all the time.

If you want more information about the river you can check Wikipedia or the kilometrage.





Weather forecast

or you can look at Projekt MEDARD, Pracovní skupina nelin. modelování, AV ČR, Praha

What I need to take with?

We take one canoe per two persons (+/- one little child into canoe instead of barrel :). Also we take one paddle, life jacket and barrel for each adult. If you need some change let us know in note in the registration form.


We will collect in advance a payment of CZK 900 per person which also completes the reservation. For little kids there is an discount (specified later - about 700 CZK per kid). The price is like all (necessary) inclusive, it means bus, canoes, standard equipment, camping ground, two dinners, etc. Note that the actual price can differ a little according to number of participants (cost of the bus is fixed) and this will be sorted out on location.

You can pay in advance by bank transfer to the account 1xxxxxxx1/0000 (Jiří Borovec - ČSOB). Please distinguish the payment by the text "CMP Canoe Trip 2012 - Name Surname" in the "Message for recipient" field when ordering the transfer.


To register use our registration form. The registration process is completed when successfully payment is done.

List of already applied Participants you can find here.

We just reached the total bus capacity, if you really want to go with us you can register and wait if somebody cancel his registration or manage own transportation there and back (for example by car).

We would like to remind then that have not payed yet (you can verify you payment here), that they should do it till Wednesday 9. May 2012. Otherwise we will cancel their registration and take other waiting under "capacity" line.