Prof. Vašek Hlaváč with CMP PhD students Tomáš Hodaň and Martin Pecka would like to invite you to the traditional CMP canoe trip. This time we are going to Ohře river from Friday May 23 to Sunday May 25 2014.

The trip is over

The trip is over! In our view, it was a great weekend. Thanks all for participating and making the trip as great as it was.

The photos from the trip have been released!


CMP canoeing trips have been organized since 1994. A single bus full of CMP members, ex-members, friends and their families/friends go together for a weekend to have fun a enjoy some nice Czech river.

The trip is suitable for both beginner and experienced paddlers. Ohře is mostly a calm river, but it is not boringly slow and there are several interesting parts (including the wild water training site Hubertus).

To make the trip as comfortable as possible, we will order a bus that will go along the river with us and take our luggage. So you only need to carry a few things in your boat. Also, if you get too exhausted during the trip, the bus can pick you up somewhere and bring to the campsite (so don't worry about your canoeing experience level if it is not high).

If you rather want to come by your own car, that's also a possibility. There are pending negotiations with the bus company, but probably we'll arrange transport of all drivers and their passengers back to Dubina on Sunday (that's the parking place for your cars).

So why should you go with us? It's almost sure you'll get to know some new CMP members. It's almost sure it's gonna be fun :) You can say you do some sports ;) And we hope it will be a great experience.

You are also welcome to bring your partners and children!


The date is set on Fri 23 - Sun 25 May 2014.

A remark for Czech citizen: V pátek a sobotu budou probíhat volby do Evropského parlamentu. Aby účastníci zájezdu nebyli obráni o možnost ve volbách hlasovat, máme v plánu v průběhu páteční cesty zastavit v některé z obcí a hromadně volit tam. K tomu je ale potřeba, aby všichni, koho tato možnost zajímá, měli voličský průkaz. Veškerá administrativa kolem něj se dá vyřídit jedním dopisem (+ je třeba na něm mít ověřený podpis, tj. jedna rychlá návštěva na MÚ, CzechPointu (poště) nebo u notáře). O voličský průkaz je nutno požádat do 8. 5. 2014!


Ohře river


People registered so far





What do I need to take with?

Other things like boats, life jackets, paddles and barrels will be arranged.


The cost is 900 CZK per participant. You will pay in advance (by paying, you actually confirm your reservation; see below). No meal is included in the price. If there is some money left after the trip, we will return everything (the expected cost is 650 CZK, but we want to have a reserve).


To register for the trip, first of all please fill in the registration form. Your registration will become valid once you pay the registration fee.

Your payment should be done in favor of bank account 670100-2203503926/6210 (Martin Pecka). The message for recepient should contain the text "Your Name - CMP Canoe Trip 2014". When the money arrives, you will be informed by email.

Weather forecast for the next 7 days

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