Past presentations

12/01/21  Support-set bottlenecks for video-text representation learning, Mandela Patrick, Po-Yao Huang, Yuki Asano, Florian Metze, Alexander Hauptmann, João Henriques, Andrea Vedaldi, ICLR 2021
Presented by Tomas Soucek, slides, video
15/12/20  SuperGlue: Learning Feature Matching with Graph Neural Networks
Paul-Edouard Sarlin, Daniel DeTone, Tomasz Malisiewicz, Andrew Rabinovich, CVPR 2020
Presented by Ilia Shipachev, slides, video, chat
10/12/20  Contrastive learning for visual representations - Part 2
Material: [1] [2]
Presented by Antonin Vobecky, slides, video , chat
08/12/20  Contrastive learning for visual representations - Part 1
Material: [1] [2]
Presented by Patrik Vacek, slides, video, chat
01/12/20 DH3D: Deep Hierarchical 3D Descriptors for Robust Large-Scale 6DoF Relocalization
Juan Du, Rui Wang, Daniel Cremers, ECCV 2020
Presented by Vojtěch Pánek, slides
26/11/20 Smooth-AP: Smoothing the Path Towards Large-Scale Image Retrieval
Andrew Brown, Weidi Xie, Vicky Kalogeiton, Andrew Zisserman. ECCV 2020
Presented by Yash Patel, slides, video, chat
23/10/20 Multi-Instance Classification by Max-Margin Training of Cardinality-Based Markov Networks
Hossein Hajimirsadeghi and Greg Mori. PAMI 2017
Presented by Dennis Baručić, slides
13/10/20 High-Frequency Component Helps Explain the Generalization of Convolutional Neural_Networks
Haohan Wang, Xindi Wu, Zeyi Huang, Eric P. Xing. CVPR 2020
Presented by Filip Naiser, slides, video, chat
9/09/20 PWC-Net: CNNs for Optical Flow Using Pyramid, Warping, and Cost Volume
Deqing Sun, Xiaodong Yang, Ming-Yu Liu, and Jan Kautz. CVPR 2018
Presented by Michal Neoral, slides
11/06/20 Deep Hough Voting for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
Charles Qi, Or Litany, Kaiming He, Leonidas J. Guibas. ICCV 2019
Presented Jan Bayer, slides, video, chat
14/05/20  Variational Autoencoders with application to unsupervised representation learning
Material: main paper, VAE background, optional1, optional2
Presented by Yash Patel, slides, video, chat
14/04/20  node2vec: Scalable feature learning for networks
A. Grover, J. Leskovec. ACM SIGKDD 2016
Presented by Tomáš Nováček, slides
12/03/20 GAN Dissection: Visualizing and Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks
David Bau, Jun-Yan Zhu, Hendrik Strobelt, Bolei Zhou, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, William T. Freeman, Antonio Torralba. ICLR 2019
Presented by Jakub Žitný, slides, video, chat
14/01/20 Riemannian Walk for Incremental Learning: Understanding Forgetting and Intransigence
Arslan Chaudhry, Puneet K. Dokania, Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan, Philip H. S. Torr, ECCV 2018.
Presented by Miloš Prágr, slides
09/01/20 LOGAN: Latent Optimisation for Generative Adversarial Networks
Yan Wu, Jeff Donahue, David Balduzzi, Karen Simonyan, Timothy Lillicrap
Presented by Michal Šustr, slides
21/11/19 ImageNet-trained CNNs are biased towards texture; increasing shape bias improves accuracy and robustness
R. Geirhos, P. Rubisch, C. Michaelis, M. Bethge, F. Wichmann, W. Brendel, ICLR 2019
Presented by Nikos Efthymiadis, slides
05/11/19 Event-Based Motion Segmentation by Motion Compensation
T. Stoffregen, G. Gallego, T. Drummond,L. Kleeman, D. Scaramuzza. ICCV 2019
Presented by Holesovsky Ondrej, slides
12/09/19 The Inverted Multi-Index
A. Babenko and V. Lempitsky, PAMI 2014
Presented by Denis Efremov, slides
05/09/19 Video Propagation Networks
V. Jampani, R. Gadde and P. Gehler, CVPR 2017
Presented by Jonas Serych, slides
30/08/19 A General Solver Based on Sparse Resultants
I. Emiris, PoSSo 1995,
Presented by Pavel Trutman, slides
26/3/19 Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds
Y. Wang, Y. Sun, Z. Liu, S. Sarma, M. Bronstein, J. Solomon, arxiv 2018,
Presented by Otakar Jašek, slides
17/1/19 Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of Deep Networks
C. Finn, P. Abbeel, S. Levine, ICML 2017,
Presented by Teymur Azayev, slides
20/11/18 Semi-supervised classification with graph convolutional networks
T. Kipf and M. Welling, ICLR 2017,
Presented by Radim Špetlík, slides
24/05/18 Fast edge detection using structured forests
P. Dollar and L. Zitnick, PAMI 2015,
Presented by Vojtěch Cvrček, slides
24/04/18 Compressed Sensing
David L. Donoho, IEEE Transacations on Information Theory, 2006
Presented by Rickard Hole Falck
27/03/18 Dynamic Routing Between Capsules
S. Sabour, N. Frosst, G. Hinton, NIPS 2017
Presented by Karel Ha, slides.
14/12/17 Deformable Convolutional Networks
J. Dai, H. Qi, Y. Xiong, Y. Li,. Zhang, H. Hu, Y. Wei, ICCV 2017
Presented by Tomáš Jeníček, slides.