XE383ZS Image::Lectures

XE383ZS Image::Lectures


This page contains lecture material. Please note, that although available, the slides may get updated just before the lecture date. Also the order of the lectures may slightly change.

The slides alone will not suffice for full understanding. Some derivations and explanations will be made on blackboard.

Date Title File(s) Last update
17 Apr 2008 Introduction, Digital image and its properties. Image intensities and their tranformation, histogram. Lecture | print-out 15.04.2008
24 Apr 2008 Image pre-processing in frequency domain. Frequency analysis in images, 2D Fourier Transform, Homomorphic filtering. Lecture | print-out 30.04.2008
1 May 2008 No lecture, public holiday
6 May 2008
Image pre-processing in spatial domain. 2D convolution, convolution theorem, filtering in spatial domain. Lecture | print-out 05.05.2008
8 May 2008 No lecture, public holiday
15 May 2008 Sampling theorem, aliasing. Geometrical transformations, interpolation. Lecture | print-out 30.01.2008
22 May 2008 Image pre-processing (what remained from previous two lectures). Sharpening, derivatives, edge detection. Binary Morphology lecture, printout Lecture | print-out 30.01.2008
29 May 2008 Image Compression

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