Extent: 2+0, examination, 4 credits
Semester: Summer
Lecturer: Mirko Navara


Lecture on December 7, 2022, will be cancelled/postponed due to health problems. Online consultations can be organized on request at almost any time.

From November 30, all lectures will be moved to the next building, hall E112.

Homeworks with deadlines November 22, resp. November 29, are assigned via Perusall and should be uploaded there, too (in almost any format).

Folder with homeworks:
homework with deadline November 2.
homework with deadline November 9.
homework with deadline November 22.
homework with deadline November 29.
homework with deadline December 6.

In the winter semester 2022/23, the lectures will be in English, in hall G205 (Charles Square campus) every Wednesday, 16:15-17:45, starting from September 21. When requested, lectures will be transmitted and recorded through BBB. This year, more emphasis will be put on quantum logics because we expect several students working perspectively in this field.

Motivation: English, Czech version.

Please, read the previous curricula and prepare your comments.


The exact curricula will be specified according to the interests of participants. For inspiration on possible topics, you may read the curricula from previous years:


Basic notions about fuzzy sets, fuzzy propositional and set operations.
Fundamentals of classical mathematical logic, proofs, completeness theorems.
Basic types of fuzzy propositional logics - Gödel, Lukasiewicz, product, 
S-fuzzy logics, rational Pavelka logic. Deduction, consistency, completeness. 
Basics of fuzzy predicate logics.
Probability of fuzzy events.
More general types of fuzzy sets, rough sets, and other alternative approaches.
Different types of uncertainty, quantum logics.

Questions and comments: navaracmp.felk.cvut.cz
Last update not before 10. 2. 2022