Ondrej Chum


Czech Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Karlovo náměstí 13
121 35 Prague
Czech Republic
Room: 129
tel: +420 2 2435 7282
e-mail: chum@cmp.felk.cvut.cz
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Center for Machine Perception

PhD and post-doc positions are available on large scale object retrieval

  • Applications should be sent to myself.
  • Please include a recent CV and a letter of reference (referee might be contacted).

Selected publications

Recent work:

Jegou and Chum: Negative Evidences and Co-occurrences in Image Retrieval: the Benefit of PCA and Whitening , ECCV 2012

Lebeda, Matas and Chum: Fixing the Locally Optimized RANSAC, BMVC 2012. available: software and data

Chum and Matas : Fast Computation of min-Hash Signatures for Image Collections, CVPR 2012

Chum, Mikulik, Perdoch and Matas : Total Recall II: Query Expansion Revisited, CVPR 2011