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I am a Full Professor in the Department of Cybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. I am a head of a small Biomedical Imaging Algorithms (BIA) group, which is a part of the Center for Machine Perception. My research mainly involves algorithms for medical and biological image processing. I am always looking for new collaborations and new projects, so if you have some interesting image data you need to analyze, feel free to contact me. I am also a member of the Academic Senate of CTU of CTU, of the Scientific Council of the FEE CTU, the Scientific Council of FI Masaryk University, and the Scientific Council of the Charles University.

News and messages

  • I am looking for new PhD students, post-docs, or more senior collaborators for various projects combining image analysis and machine learning for biology and medicine. Ukrainian scholars are welcome to apply; for Ukrainian students, paid internships may also be available. If you are interested, please send me your CV, recommendation letters, sample publications, study result reports and other relevant documents. (20-Feb-2022)
  • Our article Mertanová at al: Learning to segment cell nuclei in phase-contrast microscopy from fluorescence images for drug discovery. was accepted to the SPIE Medical Imaging 2022 conference. (20-Feb-2022)
  • Our articles Kostelanský at al: Differentiating between stable and progressive carotid atherosclerotic plaques from in-vivo ultrasound images using texture descriptors, Kaushik et al: Geodesic ray-tracing in white matter fiber crossing region using decomposition of 4th order tensor and Baručić et al: Automatic evaluation of human oocyte developmental potential from microscopy images have been accepted to the SIPAIM 2021 conference. Congratulations! (2-Sep-2021)
  • My bachelor students have succesfully defended four theses so far this year, despite COVID. Congratulations! (3-Sep-2020)
  • Our article about the ANHIR image registration challenge was accepted to IEEE TMI. Congratulations to all co-authors. (11-Apr-2020)
  • We are organizing the ANHIR image registration challenge, a part of the ISBI 2019 conference. (14-Jan-2019)
  • I was elected to the Academic Senate of the CTU for the second term. (Dec-2019)
  • I was elected into the Academic Senate of FEE CTU. (22-Mar-2018)
  • Jirka Borovec has successfully defended his PhD thesis Automatic analysis of gene expressions in Drosophila microscopy images. Congratulations! (1-Jul-2018)
  • Our article Dvořák et al.: Volume estimation from single images: an application to pancreatic islets was accepted to Image Analysis & Stereology. Congratulations to everybody! (27-Jun-2018)
  • My lecture about magnetic resonance imaging (in Czech) is available. (1-Jun-2018)
  • Out article Kybic, Borovec: Fast registration by boundary sampling and linear programming was accepted to the prestigious MICCAI conference. (25-May-2018)
  • Research Center for Informatics, a large project (30+ FTE) involving several Faculties of the CTU seems to be approved. We will be hiring soon. (9-May-2018)
  • Our article Borovec, Munoz, Kybic: Benchmarking of image registration methods for differently stained histological slides was accepted to the ICIP 2018 conference. Congratulations to Jirka! (4-May-2018)
  • Our new biomedical study program [only in Czech, sorry] was approved by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education. (16-Apr-2018)
  • COST action Action COMULIS (Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences) in which I participate, was accepted. (15-Apr-2018)

Older news

I am also on Twitter as @JanKybic.

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