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I am a Full Professor in the Department of Cybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. I am a head of a small Biomedical Imaging Algorithms (BIA) group. My research mainly involves algorithms for medical and biological image processing. I am always looking for new collaborations and new projects, so if you have some interesting image data you need to analyze, feel free to contact me. I am a member of the Scientific Council of the FEE CTU, the Scientific Council of FI Masaryk University, and the Scientific Council of the Charles University. I am a head of the master study programme Medical electronics and bioinformatics and of the Phd programme Bioengineering.

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  • Our article Baručić et al: Characterization of drug effects from phase-contrast images was accepted to the Computers in Medicine and Biology journal. (7-Oct-2022)
  • I am looking for new PhD students, post-docs, or more senior collaborators for various projects combining image analysis and machine learning for biology and medicine. Ukrainian scholars are welcome to apply; for Ukrainian students, paid internships may also be available. If you are interested, please send me your CV, recommendation letters, sample publications, study result reports and other relevant documents. (20-Feb-2022)
  • Our article Mertanová at al: Learning to segment cell nuclei in phase-contrast microscopy from fluorescence images for drug discovery. was accepted to the SPIE Medical Imaging 2022 conference. (20-Feb-2022)
  • Our articles Kostelanský at al: Differentiating between stable and progressive carotid atherosclerotic plaques from in-vivo ultrasound images using texture descriptors, Kaushik et al: Geodesic ray-tracing in white matter fiber crossing region using decomposition of 4th order tensor and Baručić et al: Automatic evaluation of human oocyte developmental potential from microscopy images have been accepted to the SIPAIM 2021 conference. Congratulations! (2-Sep-2021)

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I am also on Twitter as @JanKybic.

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