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Jan Kybic
Students & Collaborators

This page lists my collaborators and students I am supervising or I have supervised in the past.

Postdocs (current)

  • Sumit Kaushik
    Sumit has obtained his PhD from the Masaryk University in Brno. He is working on fast registration approaches.

PhD students (current)


Postdocs (former)

PhD students (former)

Researchers (former)

Master students (MSc/Ing/Mgr)

Bachelor students (BSc/Bc)

Short-term project students

(Mostly one semester projects.)

Collaborators (former)

  • Michal Bušta was a programmer working on a microscopy image registration project.
  • Jana Podlipská was a PhD student from Oulu, Finland, that I was collaborating with.
  • Archibald Pontier was a PhD student supervised by my colleague Boris Flach.

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