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05/12/2018 The webpage for ANHIR image registration challenge is up and running.

14/10/2018 Our challenge proposal Automatic Non-rigid Histological Image Registration (ANHIR) has been accepted for ISBI 2019.

10/10/2018 I presented Registration Benchmark (poster) at ICIP 2018.

14/09/2018 I have been reviewing a paper for Transactions on Cybernetics.

10/07/2018 I have presented and successfully defended my PhD thesis.

27/06/2018 Our article Volume estimation from single images: an application to pancreatic islets was accepted in Image Analysis & Stereology journal.

25/05/2018 Our article Fast registration by boundary sampling and linear programming has been accepted at the MICCAI 2018.

25/05/2018 I presented Automatic image analyses in microscopy at Tohoku University.

07/05/2018 We have released public part of medical image registration dataset with user landmark annotations.

04/05/2018 Our article Benchmarking of image registration methods for differently stained histological slides was accepted to the ICIP 2018.

30/04/2018 I have been reviewing a paper for Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

15/03/2018 I presented my work on Image segmentation and BPDL in microscopy at SUI seminar at MFF at Charles University.

13/02/2018 I am submitting my PhD Thesis: Automatic analysis of gene expressions in Drosophila microscopy images.

25/11/2017 I have been reviewing a few papers for DC-BIOSTEC 2018.

23/11/2017 I presented our two published papers in JEI.

14/11/2017 I have been reviewing a few papers for ISBI 2018.

21/10/2017 I have released code for pyImSegm releted to our last three publications.

20/10/2017 Our article Region growing using superpixels with learned shape prior was accepted to the special issue in SPIE JEI journal.

09/10/2017 Our article Supervised and unsupervised segmentation using superpixels, model estimation, and Graph Cut was accepted to the special issue in SPIE JEI journal.

04/02/2014 I presented poster at MICCAI workshop.

22/08/2017 I have been provided a student travel award for MICCAI conference.

18/07/2017 Our article Detection and localization of Drosophila egg chambers in microscopy images was accepted to the MLMI 2017 workshop at MICCAI.

05/12/2016 I have been accepted for a half-year internship at National Institute of Informatics in Japan supervised by professor Akihiro Sugimoto.

24/11/2016 Our article BPDL received a Best paper award at the MCMIAA 2016

02/09/2016 Our article Binary pattern dictionary learning for gene expression representation in drosophila imaginal discs was accepted to the MCMIAA 2016 workshop at ACCV.

28/05/2016 I made reviews of two articles for JART and JCSC journals.

20/01/2016 I published a technical report Extension of Drosophila ovary segmentation using super-voxels and GraphCut in 3D.

26/07/2015 I made a review of an article for IEEE Signal Processing Letters journal.

27/04/2015 Our article Fast registration of segmented images by normal sampling has been accepted at the Bio Image Computing (BIC) workshop at CVPR 2015.

2014 Passing some computer vision courses at MOOC platforms.

23/05/2014 I have successfully passed state exams.

04/02/2014 I presented poster at CVWW 2014 workshop.

12/01/2014 Our article jSLIC: superpixels in ImageJ has been accepted at the CVWW 2014.

20/12/2013 I published jSLIC plugin for ImageJ/Fiji.

02/12/2013 I published our ImageJ/Fiji plugin (package) CMP-BIA tools.

27/11/2013 Our article Automatic simultaneous segmentation and fast registration of histological images has been accepted at the ISBI 2014.

05/11/2013 I reviewed couple papers for the ISBI 2014 conference.

27/09/2013 I defended my thesis proposal, see the presentation here.

23/08/2013 I finished my thesis proposal Segmentation and registration of multiple stained histological sections.

17/05/2013 I got an award for presented poster about Fully automatic segmentation of stained histological cuts on student conference POSTER 2013.

22/04/2013 My paper: Borovec: Fully automatic segmentation of stained histological cuts was accepted for the POSTER 2013 conference.

15/01/2013 Our article article: Borovec, Kybic, et al.: Registration of multiple stained histological sections was accepted for the ISBI 2013 conference.

16/12/2012 I made a review of an article for PLOS ONE journal.

15/07/2012 I prepared the CMP Canoe trips and created movie from the last Canoe trip

23/03/2012 Together with Martin we organized CMP Canoe trip 2012

01/10/2011 I started my PhD study in CMP, CTU in Prague.

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