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The Art of Solving Minimal Problems

ICCV 2015 Tutorial
Santiago, Chile, 11th December 2015

Tutorial Program

  Saturday, December 11th

14:00 - T. Pajdla. Opening
14:05 - L. Kneip. Software
14:05 - Minimal Success Stories
14.05 - L. Kneip. Multi-Camera Pose Problems
14:20 - C. Wu. Minimal Problems in Google
14:40 - K. Astrom. Structure and Motion - Sound and Radio
14:50 - Z. Kukelova. Minimal Problems in Capturing Reality
15:00 - Break
15:30 - T. Pajdla. Principles of Solving Minimal Problems
16:10 - Tricks for fast and numerically stable solvers
16:10 - Z. Kukelova. Problem Formulations
              Z. Kukelova. Making Minimal Problems Fast
              Z. Kukelova. Non-minimal Solvers
16:20 - K. Astrom. Dealing with Symmetries
              K. Astrom. Numerically Robust Solvers
16:40 - C. Wu. Formulations for Unknown Focal Length
16:50 - L. Kneip. Warm Start of GB Construction
              L. Kneip. Reducing the Number of Solutions
17:00 Z. Kukelova, L. Kneip. Hands on minimal problems
              Solving a real problem with minimal problem generator


Important dates

  • Tutorial

    11th December, 2015